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Year 5

Summer Term - 2020

Spring Term 2 - 2020


This first half of the Spring term has been very eventful for Year Five. We started our local history topic and have learnt lots about the history of coal mining in Barnsley. 


In Maths, we have completed our fractions unit and started exploring decimals and percentages using lots of pictorials and manipulatives. 

We’ve worked incredibly hard and written some exciting narratives in Literacy lessons. 


We also had the opportunity to complete the Playground Leaders Award and really enjoyed planning activities for Key Stage One at playtime. 

Spring Term 1 - 2020


Year Five are studying the Tudors and are looking in depth at Anne Boleyn’s trial and Henry VIII and his wives. They are really enjoying this topic and were particularly interested in Tudor crimes and punishments! They have also created their own websites and will be moving onto editing sound files using ‘Audacity’.


Year Five have recently started a challenging fractions unit and have been using a variety of manipulatives to explore equivalent fractions and mixed numbers. They will be writing many genres using the book ‘Cosmic’ where possible. We can’t wait to see what this half term brings! 

Autumn 2 - 2019


Year Five have really enjoyed their Stargazers topic and have learnt lots about the planets in our solar system and the movement of the Earth and the Moon. They’ve worked incredibly hard this half term and were thrilled to be given the chance to compete in the Primary Enterprise Challenge. Two groups even made it through to the finals! 

Autumn 1 - 2019

Autumn Term has been packed full of fantastic learning. In literacy, we’ve explored The Adventures of Odysseus and created some excellent diary entries and letters. In maths, we have deepened our understanding of place value and began to use manipulatives to explore addition and subtraction. We loved our Pharaohs topic and have learnt so much about Ancient Egypt and how the Egyptians used to live. Our coding topic in computing has been brilliant - we’ve written and debugged our own lines of code!