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We have a school text messaging service which allows you to receive text messages from school to keep you informed of events or send reminders about things that are happening. If you have an IPhone or an Android phone you can download the School Gateway app to help us to save money.


Why do I want School Gateway?

It will save your school money which they can better spend on educating your child. School Gateway allows your school to send you messages instantly just like text messages – only much cheaper. The more people who download School Gateway, the more money your school saves.


Do I have to pay for School Gateway? No, it is completely free to download and to use.

How do I get the App? It’s easy, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 - Search the App Store or Google Play for ‘School Gateway’, Install the app and open it

Step 2 - Press the “New User” button and enter your email and mobile number (the one that you have told your school) – your PIN number will then be texted to your phone

Step 3 - Enter your PIN

Step 4 - That’s it! Now your school will save money on every message they send you.


What will you use my mobile phone number and e-mail address for?

We only use the phone number and e-mail address that you provide to match you to your school record and to send you your PIN.


Will School Gateway work on any smart phone?

School Gateway is available on Android (2.3/Gingerbread or better) and Apple (iPhone 3GS or better, iPod Touch 3 or better, iPad)


Can I install School Gateway on more than 1 device?

Yes. But you can only log in to one device at a time. When you log in on a second device you will be logged out on the first.


I’ve forgotten my PIN

No problem. Select the ‘Forgotten PIN’ button on the login screen of the app and you will be sent another PIN by text message immediately.


Can I change my PIN?

Yes. Go to to change your PIN (using the same e-mail address and PIN as you use to log in to the app)


How do I change my email address on my School Gateway account?

You must use the same e-mail address as you have registered with your school. Speak to school if you want to change the email address you have registered with them. Once they’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to log in again with your new email address and the PIN number you had previously.


What if I want to go back to receiving texts?

Log out on the app through ‘Settings’. Sign back into the app when you’re ready to start receiving app messages and saving the school money on text credits.


I have children at more than one school. Can I get messages for both children on School Gateway?

Ask your schools if they are using School Gateway. School Gateway will automatically link to all your children at different schools as long as they are using School Gateway. You only need to log in once. You must have the same e-mail address and mobile number registered at all schools.


How long will messages stay on my phone?

You will see the last 3 months messages on any device you log in to.


Can I delete messages from my phone?

No – this is a complete record of all messages that you have sent or received from the school.


How quickly will I get replies to any messages I send back to the school?

Messages will be directed back to the school office in the same way as you sending a text message.


Is School Gateway secure?

School Gateway encrypts all data stored on the phone and encrypts all communication between your device and the school. We always recommend that you have a lock on your phone to prevent access to text messages, e-mails and all of your apps – including School Gateway.

If your phone is lost or stolen, you should contact your mobile phone provider to block all access to the phone. Then go to and “forgotten PIN” to reset your PIN and prevent access to the app.