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Foundation 2

Summer 2 2019

FS2 topic leaflet - mad about minibeasts

We have been "mad about mini beasts" this last half term. We started off with a bug hunt and then the children were really interested in worms and ladybirds. We even made a wormery to look after some worms we found. Ladybirds helped us to explore doubling.

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Spring 2 2019

homework grid spring 2019 F2

FS2 topic leaflet - why are carrots orange.pdf


F2 have had a busy half term finding out all about food. It all started with an unexpected visitor  who turned out to be a tiger. They were inspired to help Supertato after Evil Pea imprisoned his friends.  We have done a lot of planting inside and out and talked about where food comes from. A visit to Morrisons was brilliant first hand experience for our own supermarket where the children used their literacy and mathematical skills.We used the carrots Rabbit left us for lots of carrot based baking.  We ended with Holy Week and our Walk of love.