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Reading is a passport to many adventures.

Mary Pope Osborne


Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.

Mason Cooley

50 Recommended Reads

We have purchased the 50 recommended books to read for each class in Years 3-6 to further develop our love of reading in school. Children will have a checklist of the 50 books to work through before the end of the year. There are so many different kinds of books in each selection from graphic novels to non-fiction texts and beautifully illustrated picture books. We are very lucky to have such wonderful books in our school!


Meet our Reading Ambassadors for the year 2023-2024! We are very excited to welcome a new team of Reading Ambassadors this year who are very excited to get started in their new role. Each Reading Ambassador will be assigned to a class in school to help them develop a love of reading. Throughout the year, the Reading Ambassadors will visit reading lessons, read stories, listen to class novels and ensure that our beautiful books displays are respected and used appropriately. They have already made a start in the school library; they have added fairy lights and labels and it looks great!


We strive for children to develop a love of reading throughout school and have the ability to read by the time they leave key stage one. Early priority is given to the development of reading ability in regards to the level and range of words the pupils are able to decode and read aloud. We ensure that children are exposed to a wide variety of text types and are taught the necessary skills for reading in each year group with staff addressing gaps in learning and assessing regularly to ensure knowledge is embedded. By the end of key stage two, we aim for all children to have made sufficient progress to meet or exceed age related expectations. Pupils are expected to complete home reading supported by parents with books matching the phonics sounds the children are learning sent on a weekly basis in the early years and key stage one.

July 2023

Our reading ambassadors were honored to collect a cheque from MOTO In The Community to purchase some of our 50 recommended reads. Thank you to MOTO for your kind donation.