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Prescribed Medication

Please note we are only able to administer medication that is prescribed.  A medical form must be completed for any medication that needs to be given to children when they are at school.  This includes inhalers and epipens.  


Anti-biotics will be only be given in school if they are required 4 times a day.  Anti-biotics that are required 3 times a day can be given in a morning, after school and before bed.  Calpol/Ibuprofen will only be given if they are prescribed by a doctor/dentist.


All medicines including inhalers must be brought to school in the original boxes/packaging with the child's name clearly identified.  Please take the medication to the school office where you will be asked to complete a form giving permission for the medication to be administered.

Please see below a leaflet produced by the NHS which explains when your child can return to school following illness.  If you need further clarification please contact the school.