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RE is a core subject and is taught weekly following the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work as prescribed by the Diocese of Hallam. Lessons are creative and engaging, with a wide variety of activities such as whole class discussions, drama, art work and extended written pieces. ‘Come and See’ includes scripture, doctrine and liturgy as well as spiritual and moral development, within the traditions of the Catholic Church. As our school community is diverse and includes a wide variety of faiths, we have the opportunity to study other world faiths where pupils learn to appreciate and respect other religions, such as Judaism and Islam. In addition to RE lessons, we have weekly whole school assemblies themed around the teachings of the Gospel and frequent masses both in school and at Holy Rood Church.



To find out more about 'Come and See” follow the link to the Diocese of Hallam Schools page.

This term all of our pupils have been learning about Judaism as part of our Multi Faith unit. We have spent 3 weeks learning lots of interesting things about different aspects of the Jewish faith.




The children in FS2 have been learning about the festival of Hanukkah. They listened to the story of the oil lamp and the temple and found out why this holiday is celebrated. They looked closely at a menorah and then the children chose how they wanted to represent their own menorah. They had some brilliant ideas. FS2 also made Potato Latkes to celebrate Hanukkah. They were delicious!

Year 1


Year 1 have been learning about traditional Jewish stories of Abraham and of Moses. We have painted beautiful star filled skies to remind us of the promise God made to Abraham and Sarah. We have also learned about the story of Moses and how God kept him safe from danger on the Nile river, the children wrote their own prayers in the role of Moses’ mother asking God to keep him safe on his journey.

Year 2


Year 2 have been learning about Shabbat. They have been exploring all the artefacts that families use during Shabbat and have designed their own Challah cover.

Year 3


The children have explored a synagogue, what can be found inside, the beliefs and ten commandments that Jew's may follow, and we have looked at a Rabbi and how the synagogue is a community centre for people. Children also drew religious drawings of items found in the synagogue.

Year 4


Year 4 have learnt about the significance of the Torah is and read some of the stories that are significant, including The Call of Moses. They looked at how this story shows that God cares for and loves his people. We also looked at what language the Torah is written in and practiced some writing in Hebrew.

Year 5


Year Five have enjoyed learning about Judaism. They've had opportunities to study the story of the Passover, explore the Seder plate and Kiddush Cup. They've also studied the Shema and made links to Christianity.

Year 6