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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 class page. Our class teacher is Mr McInerney. Mrs Darnbrough usually covers the class all day Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Cornish.


Homework and spelling will be sent home every Friday. The spellings will be tested the following Friday and homework should be returned by Thursday.


Children complete a Benchmark reading assessment at the start of the year to ensure they are given an appropriate book to read. This book is designed to be read more than once and will be changed by a member of staff in school. Children will also be able to choose a reading book for pleasure. This book is to be enjoyed together and can also be read by an adult if the text is too challenging to be read by your child. Children will be able to change these books independently following their interests. 


Please make sure you read daily at home!  If you read four times a week and it is written in your reading journal, you will get a raffle ticket to join our reading raffle.


Year Four children will complete a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in the Summer term. In order to prepare for this, please encourage your child to practise their knowledge of the multiplication tables by playing a 'Soundcheck' game on Times Tables Rock Stars.


PE sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

Summer Term 


Y4 have really enjoyed the summer term and have learnt so much! The class have completed the MTC this term and should be incredibly proud of themselves! 


We were lucky to have a visit from Hepp DT and really enjoyed making and testing our catapults. The final designs were excellent and the class really enjoyed completing their technical drawings. 


We have compared two ancient civilisations in History, the Sumerians and the Egyptians and particularly enjoyed learning about the discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb! 


We are sad to say goodbye to our class text, The Outlaw Varjak Paw. We've loved every page and are hopefully for a third book in the series in the future. The class can't wait to find out what books they will be reading in Year Five! 



Spring Term

Year Four have gone from strength to strength during the Spring term! 


We loved studying the book, ‘Cinnamon’ and used this book to write our own stories surrounding a character overcoming difficulty in their lives. 


We’ve worked incredibly hard in Maths lessons too and learnt so much about fractions, decimals and money.


A real highlight of the term was our visit to Barnsley Museums to explore the ancient Egyptian exhibit. We really enjoyed learning about Tutankhamen and can’t wait to learn more about him in our next topic.


Autumn Term

Year Four have had a brilliant Autumn term and have really enjoyed learning so many new things. 


Our class topic for the term was 'Invasion'. The children were able to build on their knowledge of the Romans and explored how England changed up to the year 1066. We really enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons and their many battles with the invading Vikings! This topic ended in 1066 with the Norman invasion of Britain and we were sad to finish what was an action-packed topic. Next, the children will complete a Geography unit which focuses on rivers and mountains. We can't wait to start!


In Maths, we have studied a variety of topics but particularly worked well during our multiplication and division unit, using manipulatives to explore what goes on behind the formal written methods. We have also learnt lots of new vocabulary such as: addends, sum, factors and products. 


During Literacy lessons, we have used the books: Tar Beach, Varmints, FArTHER and The Selfish Giant. We have loved using these books as inspiration for writing our own texts. We wrote some beautiful diary entries while studying the book, FArTHER and the class showed that they really understood how the characters were feeling. 


Well done on a brilliant Autumn term Year Four. We can't wait to see what the Spring term brings!