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Foundation 2

Welcome to the F2 class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Dignan. Mrs Dalton usually covers the class on a Tuesday afternoon. Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Barnes.


We use Seesaw to communicate with parents and carers. We post any messages, and homework on here. We will also ‘remark on the remarkable’ and share each child’s ‘wow’ moments. Parents are encouraged to make any comments on these posts and upload any completed homework and pictures of their child’s interests and achievements at home.


Reading books will be changed weekly. Please share a story with your child on a daily basis, bed time is an ideal time! We encourage you to practise their letter sounds and share their reading books regularly as they bring them home. If you read four times a week and it is written in your reading journal, you will get a raffle ticket to join our reading raffle.

Summer Term 2022


We explored the story of St George this half term. The children engaged in role-play to retell this story.

We came into school to discover that a dragon had been in our classroom. We found a dragon egg! We made signs to ask everyone to be careful around egg and to warn them that the dragon might return. 

We found out how to care for a dragonlet in preparation for the egg hatching.

Our Foundation Stage children enjoyed a visit from The Travelling Zoo. They were all so brave holding and stroking a variety of animals. They loved every minute of this wonderful experience. 

We took part in our annual Sports Day alongside our nursery children. 

We ended the half term with a celebration of the Queen's platinum jubilee. We baked and shared buns, we sang a song and we learnt a Waltz. 

The children drew fantastic portraits of Her Majesty the Queen. 

Spring Term 2 - 2022


Our FS2 children engaged with a new key text this half term, which roused lots of excitement. 'The Bad Seed' did lots of things he shouldn't do and said lots of things he shouldn't say. Our children showed good awareness of manners, kind behaviour and consideration for others. We became artists and drew sketches of The Bad Seed. 

We came into school to discover CCTV images of the Bad Seed in our classroom! He had been up to all sorts of mischief. 

We wrote warning signs to let everyone know to be on the lookout for the Bad Seed. 

We have been very fortunate to have living eggs in our FS2 classroom. We cared for the eggs and observed them closely as they began to hatch. 

The chicks hatched and the children were delighted to hold them.

The children were inspired to make their own little chicks and demonstrated some wonderful creativity.

As we entered the season of Lent we found out what happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The children were incredibly respectful throughout. 

At the end of the term we celebrated Easter. The children made Easter bonnets at home and we paraded them through school, wishing everyone a happy Easter. 

Spring Term 1 - 2022


The children in F2 were fascinated by stars, inspired by our key text “How to catch a star.” The children had many questions about stars, including whether stars only come out at night. We set about finding the answers together. In case you were wondering we discovered the sun is a star and that comes out during the day! Many wanted to try and catch their own star. Some children designed and made their own rockets! We explored night, dark and reflection. We also shared and loved the story “Owl Babies” The children talked about how the babies felt when their mother left them and explored new words to describe these feelings .They wanted to help the owl babies and so we decided to make them a cosy nest in our woodland.

Autumn 2 - 2021

F2 have been very busy finding out about why we celebrate bonfire night, wear poppies and how different families celebrate Christmas. Not all our visitors have been welcomed like a former soldier who came to tell us about his job. On one occasion we came to school to discover a crime scene! The children were convinced Goldilocks had been and made a mess in our house. This prompted many good ideas, excitement, writing of signs to warn Goldilocks away and setting of traps to catch her if she ever came back again. The children explored two key talk for writing texts- Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Nativity.

Autumn 1 - 2021

We have now completed our first full week at school and the children have been amazing. We have been getting to know each other and learn each other’s names. We have learnt to say hello each morning in everyone’s home language and joined in some short group times each day. The children have loved the story “There’s a dragon in my school” and have asked to hear it numerous times. It’s a lift the flap book about a dragon who breaks all the rules. We decided to make our own class rules to keep everyone safe and happy in F2. The children were delighted when the dragon turned up in our class and they have been helping him to learn and follow our rules by showing him how we can keep them.