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Year 4

Summer 2019

Y4 topic leaflet Traders and Raiders


In Maths, we have looked at a range of different statistics and interpreted data from them, as well as plotting our own. We have also used money to deepen our understanding of the relationship between pounds and pence. 


During literacy, we wrote a recount of the Battle of Hastings, where the children had the opportunity to re-enact the Battle! We also wrote a play script which was based on the famous novel, James and the Giant Peach. 


We have continued to love learning about Traders and Raiders, and we created our own Viking long boat! In addition to this, we have learnt about some key figures from that point of history.

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Spring 2 2019

Y4 topic leaflet Blue Abyss Spr 2

Y4 Blue Abyss homework - Spring 2.pdf


Spring 1 2019

Y4 Potions homework - Spring 1

Y4 topic leaflet Potions Spring 1

This term, we have worked extremely hard on fraction problems such as equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts. In literacy we have covered a lot of non-fiction texts. For instance, we wrote a biography on Roald Dahl, some instructions on how to make a potion, and also a non-chronological report on solids, liquids and gases so aliens could learn more about our planet! In topic we created our own potion bottles out of clay and also investigated numerous properties of materials through science experiments.