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Year 2

Spring Term 1 - 2020


This term our topic is called ‘Street Detectives’. We will be finding out about the physical and human geography of the local area. This will include looking at changes in homes and shops and looking at maps. We will be looking at the changes over time to reinforce the historical element of our local area. In science we will be looking at animals including humans and plants. Towards the end of the term we will be going on a school trip to Cannon Hall.


We were intrigued to look at how houses have developed over time and how the features of the houses have changed. In geography, we have been studying maps and looking at how Barnsley has changed over the past 100 years using the maps to help us.


In art, we have been looking at making observational drawings of different local landmarks and using different line styles and shading to enhance our drawings.

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Autumn 2 - 2019


This half term our topic has been Hot and Cold. In geography we have been looking at the continents and oceans of the world with the help of a catchy song. We looked at the different hot and cold areas of the world and where they are in relation to the equator. We used the globe and atlases to help us with our learning. We linked our literacy learning to our topic and wrote information texts about Asia and North America. In art we have been looking at mixing different tones of paint and using different lines to draw shapes. In science, we have been looking at different materials and taking part in a variety of investigations.

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Autumn 1 - 2019


In Year 2 this half term we have been busy with our learning. In Maths, we have been using a range of concrete and pictorial resources to help us get a solid understanding of place value which has helped us with our work around addition and subtraction. In Literacy, we have been looking at the story The Great Explorer and have even written our own version using clues that were left for us in the classroom. In our Creative Curriculum lessons we have learnt about a wide variety of explorers and why they are significant, including Christopher Columbus, The Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. We have also used our skills in DT to make a ship. In science, we have been learning all about materials and their properties.

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