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Foundation 2

Welcome to the F2 class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Artley. Mrs Dalton and Mrs Bywater will also teach the class in an afternoon. Miss Barnes and Miss Rowland are the teaching assistants in the classroom.


It has been wonderful to see the children start full time school, saying hello to familiar faces and lots of new faces. All the children have settled well into the new routines and we hope they continue to do so.


We are continuing to support learning and development through the interests and curiosities of the children and will be sharing this journey throughout the school year. Please share your child’s interests with us as well as any wow moments you observe at home using your Seesaw account. 


We have PE every Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure your child’s PE kit and school uniform are clearly labelled with their name.


Your child will bring home a reading book linked to their phonetic ability and a book for enjoyment borrowed from our school library. Please share a story with your child on a daily basis, bed time is an ideal time! Reading books will be changed weekly. We encourage you to practise their letter sounds and share their reading books regularly as they bring them home. There are lots of prizes and a chance to enter the reading book if they read regularly at home.

Summer Term

Our final term in Reception has been jam packed. We have worked really hard on our writing and phonics skills this term and have become super at writing sentences with capital letters and full stops. In maths, we consolidated our deep understanding of number and learnt all about odd and even numbers.


We took part in Sports Day. It was great fun running, throwing, jumping and tackling obstacle courses. We all put in 100% effort.


A beach appeared in our classroom and we made sandcastles and buried each other's feet and outside we sold ice creams. As part of our outdoor explorers we made bug hotels and hid them in the wooded area at the top of the playground. We enjoyed going back each week to check on them to see if any bugs were there.


We had an exciting pirate day to match what we had learnt in class. We found out to be the best pirate you have to: Listen, Pay Attention and Read Books. We had so much fun learning about pirates and seeing some of the items that would have been on a pirate ship.


We finished the year with our graduation. It was lovely to celebrate the children and all their achievements this year.





Spring Term

In Reception this term we have really enjoyed continuing to learn and develop our skills. We have explored some great texts including The Great Explorer, Shh we have a plan and The Bad Seed. We are becoming more confident with writing and enjoy applying our phonic knowledge when writing. We also explored Shrove Tuesday and made Lent promises. We were extremely lucky to welcome living eggs into our classroom. We predicted what they may be and we so curious to watch them hatch and take care of the chicks. The children really enjoyed this experience. In maths we have continued to deepen our understanding of number and went on a shape hunt to find different 2D shapes around the school.





Autumn Term

In Reception this term we have been really brave starting full time school. We have enjoyed exploring our classroom and the outdoor area. We have looked some fantastic key texts including Brining the rain to Kapiti Plain, How to Catch a Star and the Nativity Story. We enjoyed making plans on how we could catch a star and writing about the Nativity Story. We have been exploring light and dark and enjoyed learning about different festivals. We looked at bonfire night and enjoyed a visit from a fireman then holding our own bonfire celebration. We looked at birthdays and threw Mrs Dobson a party for her special birthday. We also looked at Diwali and the night sky. The children loved completing their first nativity performance and impressed us all with their bravery going on stage. It has been a great first term of school and we cannot wait to continue our journey.