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The Local Authority has set the attendance target for our school as 97%.  If a child's absence is 90% or less, this falls into the Persistent Absentee category. 


You can help us to improve our school’s attendance by making sure that your child comes to school every day.  If he/she has a slight cold, cough or temperature they can still come to school and we will contact you if we feel they need to go home. 


First Day of absence

Call school before 9.15am to inform them of the reason your child is absent from school.

Second Day of absence

Call or send a text to school providing information as to why your child still absent.

Third day of absence

School will carry out a safe and well visit.


If medical advice is sought, please provide school with evidence of appointments and prescribed medication.


Please try to make any medical/dental appointments outside of the school day or in the school holidays. If a medical or dental appointment is made, then please show the appointment card, letter or text when collecting your child for an appointment. 


We can administer medicine in school that is required four times a day but only if it is prescribed by a doctor and the necessary paperwork is completed at the school office. 


For information on when children can return to school after an illness, please see the chart below :



In School On Time Every Day

Please remember that the school gates open at 8.45am. If your child/children arrive after 9.00am they will be given a 'late' mark.  If they arrive after 9.15am they will be given a 'U' mark which is a late mark after registration closes.  This will be classed as a half-day absence.


Attendance Trophy

Each week we display the attendance of each class on the newsletter, which is sent home. The class with the highest attendance receive an Attendance Trophy which they keep in their classroom for the whole of that week.


Our School Day - 2023/24 (the school week lasts 32.5 hours)



Mornings:                  8.45am – 11.45am



9am - 3.30pm - doors will open at 8.45am and children can enter when the Nursery children are inside


Year 1 - 6

9am - 3.30pm - gates will open at 8.45am


If your child arrives after 9am, they will need to enter school through the main reception and will be marked on the register as late.


School Begins:  9.00am


Morning Break:  10.30am – 10.45am


FS2 Lunch: 11.55am - 12.55pm

KS1 Lunch: 12.00 - 1.00pm

KS2 Lunch:  12.15pm - 1.15pm


School Ends:  3.30pm