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Assessment, recording and reporting in this school is an important and central part of teaching and learning, which involves the children whenever possible. We believe that assessment is an on going process, which takes place in a variety of different forms. As a school, we work hard to identify what individuals, groups and whole classes need to learn in order to progress. We then cater our teaching to suit the needs of our children.



Our EYFS curriculum is based on the principles of the EYFS framework and the Development Matters.

During the first 6 weeks of entry the children's knowledge, skills and learning dispositions are observed and a baseline assessment is generated using the EExAT tracker designed by Early Excellence. The children are continually observed and they are assessed when they reach their next 6 month milestone or before the end of an assessment period. The EYFS Profile is then completed for each of the FS2 children at the end of the reception year. This is monitored through moderation each year. 


Y1 - Y6

To help us assess where our children are, we are using the Cornerstones Pupil Tracking System. Cornerstones is an online pupil tracking system which uses the National Curriculum Year Group objectives and allows the class teacher to monitor progress and attainment.


The Cornerstones program is an online system allowing instant access to the objectives being taught. This means the class teacher can work with a group and immediately record the individual progress each child has made towards that objective.


This system will be used to assess pupils’ understanding of curriculum objectives. By using Cornerstones, you can easily identify what each pupil can and can’t do, as well as identifying coverage and any gaps within your pupils’ knowledge. Essentially, this system ‘tracks the learner’, so planning and teaching can be targeted for pupils’ needs.


Alongside these on-going assessments are termly assessments. These termly assessments are also recorded on Cornerstones and this allows the class teacher to be able to see the progress the children are making over time towards the expected level at the end of their academic year.


The assessment systems we use support whole class planning and individual/small group intervention planning.


We strongly believe that children should understand what they need to do to progress and we have a comprehensive ‘Marking and Feedback Policy’ which ensures marking and feedback is consistent across the school. Feedback and next steps are shared with children in writing or verbally.


Phonics has been taught using the Read Write Inc Scheme. Read Write Inc assessments are carried out, to assess children’s progress, and to assess if children are ready to move up to a higher group. When a child is no longer working within the Read Write Inc Scheme, reading is developed and assessed through Whole Class Reading sessions. Teacher’s make regular observations regarding reading progress during the reading sessions, and decide on next steps based on these judgements.