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Welcome to the Nursery class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Dalton. Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Haxby.


Hello everyone and welcome to a new school year.


It has been a pleasure to welcome our littlest children back into nursery this week and to say hello to some new faces. The children have settled very well after the long Summer break and we hope for a smooth and uninterrupted Autumn term. We are continuing to support learning and development through the interests and curiosities of the children and will be tracking and scrapbooking our adventures as we journey through the Autumn term and beyond. Please share your child’s interests with us as well as any wow moments you observe at home using your Seesaw account. 

Autumn Term 2 - 2021


We returned to nursery this half term, just in time to explore Bonfire Night celebrations. The children really enjoyed exploring the sights and sounds of Bonfire Night. We were even lucky enough to have a visit from a real fire fighter! 

We took the brave move to step out of nursery and venture into school. We said “Let’s explore what’s through the door”. We found lots of doors and discovered that they opened in different ways, using keypads, buttons, knobs and handles. We learnt to push, pull, twist, turn and went on to explore locks and handles through our fine motor play. 

We have really enjoyed finding out about Mary and Joseph this half term as we explored the Nativity story. The children learnt to retell the story through songs and rhymes and they enjoyed dressing up and putting themselves in role to tell this story. We have been practicing  our observational drawing this term and we looked carefully to represent Mary and Joseph.

Throughout Advent our nursery children have ‘dusted’ their hearts. They have worked hard to get their hearts ready to welcome baby Jesus by being kind, gentle and helpful. 

Happy Christmas everyone! 

Autumn Term 1 - 2021


See it, touch it, smell it, taste it


This half term we have used our senses to explore our nursery environment indoors and outdoors. We used our key text ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?’ to focus on good looking and to develop simple descriptive language. We went for listening walks and looking walks outdoors.


We explored the season of autumn and the changes to our local environment. We went on an autumn treasure hunt and enjoyed learning the poem ‘Leaves are falling’ from our class poetry basket. 


We have enjoyed our key text ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and have used this to inspire hide and seek games as we explored positional language. Rosie hid around our classroom and we tried to find her by looking in, on and under. 

We ended our half term with a pumpkin party. We were delighted with the amazing pumpkin carvings the children created at home, with help from their families. Well done everyone.