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Governing Body 


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Constitution:  1 x Headteacher, 1 x Parent, 1 x Staff, 2 Co-opted, 

1 x Local Authority, 8 x Foundation 

Role Name Date of Appointment End of Office Appointing  Body
Head Teacher Mrs K Dobson 01.01.16 Ex-officio Governing Body
Parent (Elected) Mrs S Hickey 19.07.17 18.07.21 Parents
Parent (Elected) Ms E White 23.01.19  22.01.23 Parents
Foundation  Mr M McDonagh (Chair) 24.05.16 23.05.20 Diocese
Foundation Mrs A Holling 01.09.12 31.08.20 Diocese
Foundation  Fr D Humphries 02.12.15 01.12.19 Diocese
Foundation Mrs F Preston (Vice Chair) 21.10.13 20.10.21 Diocese
Staff Mrs L Artley 12.10.18 11.10.22 Staff 
Foundation Mrs R Bullock 12.03.18 11.03.22 Diocese
Foundation Miss C Garnett 11.03.15 10.03.19 Diocese
Foundation Mrs A Turner 13.07.16 12.07.20 Diocese
Local Authority Mrs G Taylor 12.11.17 19.11.21 Local Authority
Co-opted Vacancy      
Co-opted Vacancy