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"Everyone should learn how to code; it teaches you how to think"

Steve Jobs

At Holy Rood, we strive to develop safe, responsible and knowledgeable children who are capable of using technology safely for both work and pleasure. We aim to give all children a strong computing knowledge which they can take with them into further education and adulthood.


We recognise the importance of digital literacy and the need to provide all of our children with opportunities to learn and develop their computing knowledge. Through regular use of iPads and laptops, we hope to expose our children to the most popular technologies that they will encounter in later life. We aim to provide learners at our school with essential computing skills so that they are ready to thrive in both school and society.


Staff follow a carefully planned computing curriculum to ensure that all children receive current and age appropriate lessons. We also ensure that each year group is provided with chances to use and apply their knowledge of computing, often through learning with a real life purpose and enterprise opportunities.


With growing technological advancements in society comes an increased danger online. We prioritise teaching our children how to be safe and stay safe online with designated E-Safety days and separate E-Safety assemblies. We discuss realistic issues that children and young adults may face online, ranging from the use of social media sites to cyberbullying. We cover Online Safety throughout every unit of computing to ensure pupils are equipped with the knowledge to recognise dangers online and understand what to do to keep safe online and with a variety of technology.

Safer Internet Day 2024

At Holy Rood, online safety is a top priority! In an ever changing world, technology is becoming more engaging, exciting and helpful to our everyday lives. However, with this, online safety becomes a bigger worry and priority for lots of parents and carers.

We ensure that we celebrate Safer Internet Day every single year to give the children the tools to navigate the online world safely, happily and responsibly. We started the day with a whole school assembly and then each year group completed an afternoon of activities to help them celebrate and enjoy the day whilst learning a variety of skills for online use.