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Catholic Life

Some children from class 6 have been invited to Shaw Lane Sports Club to take part in a Remembrance service to commemorate the soldiers lost in World War 1 and 2 with special reference to those soldiers who attended Barnsley Grammar School and Holgate School.

The children attended a pre visit where they were given more details and made poppies to be displayed on the day.



As part of our Harvest celebration, our families kindly donated produce which were collected by Barnsley Foodbank. We chose the foodbank as they have helped lots of our families this year. Thank you everyone for your support.


Children in class 6 have led some respectful and thoughtful class worships centered around a theme of their choosing. So far this year we have had harvest and the 10 commandments.


Class 4 were invited to take part in Mass at Sheffield Cathedral with Bishop Ralph and other schools in the diocese, they made a banner and carried a candle in the procession behind the Bishop.



In F2 we have learned about the creation story, about how God created the world and how he created us. We spoke lots about our names and how we are all special to God. God loves us and he knows our names.



In F2, the children have been ‘welcoming’ each other into the classroom. We have discussed how we can make people feel welcome and have been greeting each other with hugs, high fives, waves, hand shakes and by saying ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’.





Here are Year 1 thinking about God in the calm of the trees. 


Year Four pupils have really enjoyed their collective worship this week. Two children planned the worship and brought items in from home to make the worship more interactive! 


Lent 2023

Year 6 led the Stations of the Cross liturgy in school. The read confidently and beautifully to the rest of the school. 

On Ash Wednesday our Foundation Stage children came together to find out about Lent. We know that Jesus has gone away for 40 days and 40 nights and while he is away he needs our help. We promised to be like Jesus and do his work. We placed purple hearts on our tree as a symbol that we are growing in love. We are looking out for children who are being kind, caring and helpful and praising them for these loving behaviours.


Following our experience of Mother’s Day, our Foundation Stage children came together to tell a story about a mum. We found out about the love Mary had for her son Jesus. We know now that bad things happened to Jesus. We will find out more about this in the coming weeks.


Our Foundation Stage children came together to explore what happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday. They are aware that Jesus has been away for 40 days and 40 nights and they have been trying hard to do his work. We watched a close friend of ours walk away from our circle. We thought about how sad we were and how much we missed him. He came back to us and we felt much happier. We said hello and welcome. We used a new word today. We said “Hosanna”. We role played Jesus entering Jerusalem. We waved our palm leaves and shouting “Hosanna”. We celebrated by sharing hot cross buns.


We came together again today as we found out what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. We used the hearts, which we had placed on our Lenten tree when we promised to be kind, caring and helpful. We followed in Jesus’ footsteps to place them on our Easter garden as a symbol of our love for Jesus. The children showed sadness, care and respect as we did this. We are so proud of them all


Our nursery children have been growing in love throughout Lent.







This Advent season, the whole school is counting the days down to Christmas with our Advent Wreaths. The children gather for daily prayers and liturgy to light the candles together.


During Autumn term pupils have had 3 whole class liturgies weekly, with changing themes each week. During Advent this was replaced with the daily wreath liturgy.


Our Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 bubbles have been busy practicing their Nativity shows this Advent. Pupils will be recording the performance of their shows for parents to take home as a DVD.


Our KS2 bubbles have been working hard to produce a collaborative Christmas Carol concert. This has been recorded and will also be available on DVD.


Year 1 have made their own Advent Calendar this year and have picked different acts of kindness to be done each day of Advent. They have been counting off the tasks at home and in school.

Harvest Festival

Year 4 hosted the Harvest assembly this half term. I was very proud of how confident they were and their understanding about why we have our Harvest Festival. All food collected was donated to local food banks. Thank you to all the parents and families who donated.


Mission Together

Mrs Barry came to our school to talk to us about Mission Together. Through our fundraising this year, the money raised will support the work of a care home in South Africa. Red boxes will be sent home with our children for them to donate as many pennies as possible!

S48 RE Inspection December 2016