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Welcome to the Nursery class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Dalton. Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Haxby.


Hello everyone and welcome to a new school year.


It has been lovely to welcome back our littlest children into Nursery. We hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer break. The children were eager to come back in and play again and it has been lovely to see them all back together. We are slowly bringing in new children and families and we would like to thank everyone for making them feel so welcome. We will be exploring nursery rhymes this half term and we welcome our nursery parents to join us every Friday at 11.15am for a Song and Rhyme Time session.

Spring 2

We explored growing this half term with our key text ‘Beans on Toast’. We found out about the journey of a bean from field to fork. We planted beans. We explored baked beans through sensory play and we made and shared beans on toast for our morning snack. We were surprised when we returned to nursery after the weekend, to discover a giant beanstalk had grown all around our classroom. We read a linked text ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. Our home corner cat, Jasper, liked this story but then we discovered that he had climbed our beanstalk and he was stuck at the top! We thought about how to get him back down. We made plans and tested our ideas. We found out about fire fighters and how they rescue cats. We role-played firefighters. We then decided to ask for help. We called our caretaker and asked if he had a tall ladder. He brought a ladder into nursery and rescued Jasper. Thank you Mr Ellis. 


We were very fortunate to have living eggs in our foundation stage this half term. We found out about creatures that hatch from eggs and we predicted what might be growing inside our eggs. We watched them hatch and discovered little chicks. We observed them and we gently held them. This was such a magical experience and our children were so careful throughout. As we tried to grow in love during Lent, the children were given a series of Little Chick Challenges to encourage them to be kind, caring, gentle and helpful.


Spring term 1

We have explored the season of winter this half term. We took Berty Bear outside to play and left him out in the cold. We found him the next day and he was frozen solid. We pasted him round, felt the change in his body and spoke about what might have happened. We thought about how to warm him up. The children suggested blankets, hot chocolate, a hair dryer. A warm bath was the best suggestion. When the ice had melted and he had warmed up, we dried him off. We then made a warm snack of toast and hot chocolate. 


We read the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ and explored feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, calm and love. We used facial expressions, musical instruments, creative play, colour and nature to represent these emotions. We ended the half term with a Stay and Play session where we shared our love with our families. 




Autumn Term 2

This half term we began by exploring the dark and night. We explored a key text ‘It was a cold dark night’. We explored bedtime routines and helped Berty Bear get ready for bed. We enjoyed Bonfire Night celebrations and were delighted to have a real fire fighter visit us in school. We found out about stars and enjoyed the text ‘My Pet Star’. We discovered a star on the ground, under a tree in our outdoor space. We brought it inside and looked after it. We gave it lots of love and it started to glow! 






The children enjoyed learning the story of the first Christmas. As part of our Advent preparations, the children worked hard to get their hearts ready to welcome baby Jesus by being kind, caring and helpful. We found out all about Mary and Joseph and worked together across our Foundation Stage to tell the nativity story through our production 'It was on a starry night'. 



Autumn Term 1 

Our nursery children have enjoyed learning our five core nursery rhymes throughout this half term. 






We have also explored the season of Autumn. We visited Locke Park to see the seasonal changes in our local environment. We found out about harvest and chopped vegetables to make vegetable soup. We ended the half term by carving pumpkins to make autumn lanterns and then lit them at our weekly Song and Rhyme Time.