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School Meals

If your child has school dinners they should be paid for during the same week via the School Gateway. School dinners are £2.20 per day/£11.00 per week.

If you are unable to pay on time please contact the school.



Due to COVID-19 and the changes to the use of the school dining room, there will be a reduced menu which will offer the following choices

  • Cheese sandwich grab a bag
  • Tuna sandwich grab a bag
  • Cheese pasta box
  • Tuna pasta box
  • Jacket potato with Cheese
  • Jacket potato with Tuna
  • Jacket potato with Coleslaw


From 3rd November 2020 we are pleased to inform you that we will return to a full school meals provision.  Please  click on the link below to see our school menus which run on a two week cycle


Please click the link below for NHS advice on easy sugar swaps for children:

Sugar Swaps

FREE Bagels for ALL Children - Every day!


We are very happy to be in Partnership with Magic Breakfast who provide free bagels for our children every day.  The bagels are served in the classroom, offering every child great fuel for learning.


Research has shown that children who have a healthy breakfast achieve more at school – make sure your child doesn’t miss out!