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EYFS 1 Nursery

Welcome to the Nursery class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Dalton. Our teaching assistant is Miss Haxby.


Our nursery currently offers each family 15 hours per week. The children attend for three hours Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 11.45am. 


We encourage family members to join us in nursery each Friday at 11.15am for ‘Song and Rhyme Time’. This is a lovely session where we sing familiar songs and rhymes and introduce new ones to support our current teaching and learning. 


We use the Seesaw app to communicate with our families. We share the children’s learning experiences in school and we encourage parents to use this app to share the children’s interests and adventures outside of school. 


Please look out for our half termly Stay and Play sessions, where parents can join us in nursery to engage in play with their child.


We also offer half termly Tiny Tots Stay and Play, which runs separate from our nursery sessions. These sessions offer the opportunity for children from birth to 3 to experience our nursery provision. The sessions are free and each child receives a free take-away resource to support their learning and development at home. Upcoming dates for this academic year can be found on the community page of our website. The sessions are open to the wider community. Please share with family and friends. 


We look forward to hopefully seeing you in our nursery soon.

Spring Term 2024
Our nursery children began the term with a focus on our feelings. We read 'The Colour Monster' and explored feelings of happiness, sadness, anger and calm. We engaged in multi-sensory play to explore feelings through colour, texture and sound as well as facial expressions and body language.


We explored the winter weather and investigated warm and cold, setting up a snack shop to sell warm and cold snacks. It turned so cold that we discovered our class teddy bear had been left outside in the cold and he was frozen solid. We worked together to melt the ice and rescue him. There was some fantastic problem solving and teamwork here from our youngest children.


We moved on to explore the season of spring and began by planting beans. We cared for them as they started to grow and were delighted to see that they grew into beanstalks, which we took home to continue to care for. We read the story 'Beans on Toast' to help us to understand the journey of beans from field to fork and we made and tasted beans on toast for our morning snack.


The second half of this term was very much focused on our Lenten preparations. We know that Jesus had to go away for 40 days and 40 nights and during this time we tried hard to be like Jesus and do his work. The children took part in a series of Little Chick Challenges to help them to be kind, caring, gentle and helpful. We were delighted to have living eggs in our foundation stage and to see them hatch into little chicks. A wonderful spring term and fantastic teamwork and helping hands from our little ones.











Autumn Term 2023

It has been a very busy term in nursery. We welcomed new children and families and came together each week for Song and Rhyme Time. We introduced our core nursery rhymes and used these as a stimulus to exploring our nursery provision. 


The children really enjoyed finding out about the season of autumn. We visited Locke Park for our annual autumn walk and enjoyed a Bonfire Night celebration in school. 


As the days grew shorter we began finding out about the dark and bedtime. We explored bedtime routines and sequencing familiar events. We really enjoyed our key text 'My Pet Star'. We made telescopes and went for a walk outdoors to see what we could see. During our walk we discovered a star stuck in a tree. We agreed that it must have fallen from the sky. We brought it inside and tried to take care of it. The children demonstrated wonderful caring behaviours and made fantastic connections with our story as they suggested what the star needed to make it feel better. We did such a good job that the star started to glow and we knew we needed to set it free. 


As we approached the end of the autumn term we entered the season of advent. The children were so engaged in exploring the story of the first Christmas. We built on our previous learning as we tried to get our hearts ready to welcome Baby Jesus. We learnt to dust our hearts and say sorry for anything we had done wrong. We also worked hard to be kind, caring, gentle and helpful. The children collected purple hearts on their dusters whenever they demonstrated these behaviours. The culmination of our hard work was our wonderful retelling of the Nativity story. The children worked so hard and we were incredibly proud of them. We look forward to welcoming the children back into nursery for the spring term and also welcoming new children and families.